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2016 AAu team Tryouts

AAU Teams and coaches

College Basketball Prospects of America will be holding 2016 AAU Team Tryouts for boys and girls grades 4th through 11th from February 7th through the 21st 2016. See below for specific dates.

College Basketball Prospects of America welcomes all student athletes of all skill levels and backgrounds from an entry level athlete to an elite student athlete to tryout to be part of our nationally recognized organization. Each student athlete will be evaluated during the tryout period and may have the opportunity to be selected for one of our Developmental In-house Teams, Regional Teams or one of our National Elite Travel Teams. 

All of our coaching staff is "Prospects Coaching Certified"  in order to be eligible to coach our student athletes. Criminal and child abuse history clearances are mandatory , NO EXCEPTIONS. Our coaches are also required to complete a coach bootcamp that meets College Basketball Prospects of America's standards, teaching methods and protocols. We take every necessary step to protect the well-being of our student athletes and the reputation of our organization. We hold ourselves to the highest standard to ensure the quality of our programs and organization. Respect, Family, Loyalty are the core values we stand for and instill in our coaches and players.

Feel free to contact our offices with any questions concerning our organization and/or regarding your student athletes.

SUMMER League 2024

Dates: June 1st-30th
Location: Rize Sports

1st-3rd Grade
Practice: Monday Nights
Games: Wednesday Nights
Cost: $250

4th-6th Grade
Practice: Tuesday Nights
Games: Thursday Nights
Cost: $350

7th-8th Grade
Practice: Friday Nights
Games: Sunday Nights
Cost: $350

Cost: $350

• We’ll prepare every player for this year-school basketball season
• A safe and disciplined learning environment through our experienced coaching staff
• We teach fundamentals plus physical and mental discipline
• Learn the skills and work ethic needed to maximize and excel
• All skill levels—entry level, rising stars, and elite level basketball players

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